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27 Feb 2016
The serviced office is a furnished office where you can start your business immediately. It is designed for small business owners who need a good place but have no enough capital. It can meet the working environment requisites of prospective tenants. Most people agree that it is a great solution to sourcing permanent office space. If you are setting a business in Malaysia, the Regus will offer a total occupancy solution which should have considerable appeal to small firms. It can help avoid the need for any downtime and inconvenience for your customers.

The serviced office is tailored to deliver the flexibility you need in  from your contract. Therefore, it is easy to move in or out when you need. It is the best solution to improve your work-life balance. Furthermore, you can keep your business organised. It can help in creating a good impression on customers, saving money, and avoiding purchasing your own furnishings. When it comes to choosing the location, you should be sure if it is easily accessible to your customers. The best location should make it easy for you to get to the office as well.

The price is an important thing most people concern. So you have to know that the cost is related to the office area that you actually lease. If you have enough capital for office, you can look for a location in the center city. The serviced office comes with furniture and equipment, so that you can use them without purchasing. You can invite clients and potential business partners to your premises. If you want to organize a meeting, you can use the meeting rooms on an hourly or daily basis. If someone is coming to your premises, there will be a staff to serve them.
One of renting serviced office is the maintain fees as the real estate agents are responsible for them. It also provides with such things as Internet connection points, wiring, utilities and even a kitchen area for staff to relax in during coffee breaks. What is more, you can enjoy other facilities such as on-site security and cleaning, in-house IT and communications departments. The professional company will offer good prices and upfront fees that are easy to see. It is important to shop around and find the best one that can cater to your needs. You can get additional benefits that will support you in the daily running of your business and reducing your stress.


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